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This isn’t your Grandfather’s newsletter… In fact, this isn’t even a newsletter. So then what is Macro Ops? Glad you asked… MO is a service that exists to help make you a calculating, ruthlessly efficient, and consistently profitable investor in markets.

To do this, we provide institutional-grade research, unparalleled training and tools, and the world’s best community of dedicated traders and investors.

You can think of us as the Seal Team of investing research. We trade real money, track and share our verified results in real-time, and provide you with everything you need to consistently win… and win BIG.

Members of our “Collective” (that’s what our premium service is called) include legendary big-name investors, up and coming hedge fund managers, and die-hard retail traders of all stripes. The one common denominator we all share is a deep love and respect for the game of markets.

Whether your a fundamental value investor, a systematic FX trader, or an intra-day player, MO is the home for you. We run multiple strategies covering numerous timeframes with their basis in different styles.

Our bread and butter is what we call the “Trifecta Approach” (all members learn exactly what that is and how to employ it). This is a strategy that employs the most effective tools from the various methods (from deep value investing to technical tape reading) and stacks conditional edges, upon edges, upon edges, upon… you get the point.

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